Virtual Smile Makeover


You actually see the kind of results which can be achieved with Cosmetic dentistry procedures , without actually starting the work.




The absolute fastest and easiest simulation means that we are much more likely to actually use it! Many otherwise excellent systems remain unused in the dental office, because they either take too much time, are hard to use, or produce unprofessional results. “Procedure Orientated” automatic operation is much faster and easier to use than old style “tool” orientated programs, and always produces professional results.

It is so fast and easy, you are able to offer “Smile Evaluation Photo” to EVERYONE WHO WALKS IN THE DOOR. Even if they just came in for a checkup or cleaning. The convincing photo shows them how great they would look, if they accepted your recommended cosmetic procedure, and allows them the opportunity of being able to take it home to show the spouse. Your contact information is automatically printed at the bottom of the photo.