Laser Dentistry Center


Soft Tissue diode laser is a value added tool in any dental setup. Its got multiple applications in the field of Dental implants including incision & debridement, cosmetic dentistry including Laser gum lift to correct gummy smile, Root Canal Treatment including canal debridement & sterilization. Its extensively used for Laser crown lengthning, Gums surgeries including flap surgeries & many such uses.


Sirona has introduced the SIROLaser, a compact diode laser. Just what you have come to expect over the years from the world’s only full-range supplier of technical products for dentistry. We have set new standards in terms of price, size, performance etc.
The versatile SIROLaser is much more compact than comparable diode lasers, yet provides optimum performance for all areas of application. The laser unit can be used for endodontics, periodontology or surgery.

Compact and powerful!

The SIROLaser operates at a wavelength of 980 nanometers and has a power output varying from 0.5 to 7 watts
Thanks to its compact dimensions (54 x 87 x 190 millimeters) and low weight (450 grams), the SIROLaser can be placed directly on the dentist element and can be easily integrated into the treatment workflow.