Digital Panoramic X-Ray


An Orthopantomogram (OPG), also known as an "orthopantogram" or "panorex", is a panoramic scanning dental X-ray of the upper and lower jaw. It shows a two-dimensional view of a half-circle from ear to ear.

Diagnostic uses
OPGs are used by Dentists to provide information on :


  •     Impacted wisdom teeth
  •     Periodontal bone loss
  •     Finding the source of dental pain
  •     Assessment for the placement of dental implants
  •     Orthodontic assessment


  •     Broad anatomic region is imaged.
  •     Low radiation dose.
  •     Convenient, easy and fast. The entire procedure takes 14 seconds expsure time.
  •     Procedure can be performed on patients who cannot open their mouth.
  •     Easy for edentulous patients, patients who do not tolerate intraoral procedure well, patients with multiple tooth / Oral pathology.
  •     No overlapping of facial bones

Evaluation of trauma, third molar, extensive pathology.

  •     Evaluation of tooth development especially mixed dentation analysis.
  •     Evaluation of development anomlies like cleft palate.
  •     Minimal fluid inmaxillary sinus can be caught in his X-ray.
  •     Temporo mandibular joint pathology, dislocation or fractures can be clearly visualized without overlap.
  •     Styloid process visualization is very easily achieved.
  •     Multiple dental/oral problems caused by tobacco/Pan masala chewing in elders & Chocolates in children are caught by a single X-ray.
  •     Gross localization of Nasal Cavity/Ethomodial sinus/Maxillary sinus tumors & other paathology can be done at a very low price compared to the CT/MRI.

OPG is very useful for following faculties :

  •     Dental
  •     Maxillo facial Surgery
  •     Plastic Surgery
  •     Cancer Surgery
  •     Orthopaedic Surgery
  •     ENT Surgery