Crooked Tooth Correction


Cracked tooth is a serious condition that demands for immediate medical attention. If the teeth are broken or cracked severely, then no option is left with your dentist rather than extracting them. But, teeth with superficial cracks can be degraded by your dentists. If you have broken or cracked tooth, then you need to take seriously and get medical attention immediately for proper cracked tooth treatment.      

At Dr. vashishtha dental clinic, the dentist will take an x-ray of your cracked tooth so as to find out whether or not there is any injury in the surrounding tissues or root. Through x-ray the dentist in the clinic establish how near the pulp of the chip has gone. If your cracked tooth is not discovered through dental x-ray, then the dentist will use micro-dentistry tool to detect the cracks in your tooth. With this tool minor cracks can also be detected.

It is very crucial to get proper cracked tooth treatment on time before the condition become worse. The cracked tooth may also harm the surrounding tissues and it can also get extended to nerve canal which may result in serve tooth ache. Sometime cracked teeth also damage the blood vessels and the supporting soft tissues. Cracked tooth is quite irritating and aggravating, so it is advisable to get it fixed timely.

At Dr. vashishthas dental clinic you will come across with several alternatives for chipped and cracked tooth. The dentists at Dr. vashishtha dental clinic offer cracked tooth treatment on the basis of the size of the fracture and the tooth involved in the fracture.       

If the crack is minor and simple, then the dentists at Dr. vashishthas dental clinic will simply smooth and fix it without any restorative treatment. The dentists simple use dental bonding to repair small cracks on tooth. Besides, they use tooth-colored filling material to fill the missing portion. The dentists shape the material to give it a real look. We at  Dr. vashishtha dental clinic also offer cosmetic dental surgery to reshape the small cracks on tooth. We also treat cracked tooth with porcelain dental veneers and laminate. This type of treatment is mainly offered to patients who desire to have a new definition of smile after treatment. 

If the tooth is cracked severely, then the dentists at Dr. vashishthas dental clinic will take it seriously and install a crown. The dentists will also check whether or not the process of decay has started because it makes the treatment more complicated. If infection develops, then the dentists will perform a root canal treatment prior to treating cracked tooth. Root canal treatment is performed to remove the infection. So, if you notice cracked tooth, then it is better to seek medical attention instead of waiting and making the condition more complicated.