Teeth Whitening Center


Teeth Whitening  :-  Everyone desires to have shiny and bright teeth. People with discolored teeth often lose some great opportunities in their life and also lack in confidence. The bright and shiny teeth surely increase the confidence level as well as your persona. So, people always try different methods to keep their teeth white and bright. But these methods of teeth whitening neve

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Kids dentistry center


We recommend a first checkup by 12 months old to make certain that teeth and jaw development are normal, and even more importantly so that parents and guardians know how to help their children be healthy from the start. Guidelines for working with children.


  1. parents / guardians are alwa

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Bad Breath Rx Centre

Halitosis, breath odor, morning breath or bad breath are all similar terms used in dentistry to describe a markedly obnoxious odor that is exhaled on breath of individuals. Though it is not a serious health condition, but can adversely affect our interpersonal relationships.

We are quite familiar with the fact that consump

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About us


Welcome to  www.vashishthadentalclinic.com,  the official website for Dr. vashishtha dental clinic, Ghaziabad, India. Our clinic is a multispeciality dental setup in the Vaishali & Indirapuram GZB.  It has the unique advantage of being one of the ver

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Lading Dental Implant Center


Dental implants provide a strong foundation for permanent or removable prosthesis (replacement teeth) that are

Cosmetic Dentistry Center


Dr.Vashishtha dental clinic is one of the most preferred cosmetic dentistry destination in India. It has earned this reputation b

Conscious Sedation For Kids


Child will be able to respond to voices or stimulation and will maintain his or her protective reflexes.

International Sterilizations Standards


We at Dr. Vashishtha Dental Clinic follow at the disinfection and sterilization procedures needed for infection control. We fol

Range of Dental Treatment


Dental Implants     
»     Missing Single Tooth
»     Missing Multiple Tooth
»     Missing All Tooth
»     All-on-4 technology

Laser Dentistry Center


Soft Tissue diode laser is a value added tool in any dental setup. Its got multiple applications in the field of Dental implants inc

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